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Our Sectors

From VP - graduate positions Chetty & Sinnett Recruitment have spent years developing and honing our knowledge, skills and network within the Finance, Energy, Agriculture, Environmental, Infrastructure and Construction Industries.

Our rates and service fees to clients are tailor made to fit into your preferred supplier terms (within reason).
We are also interested in supporting SME's with bespoke monthly installments rather than a one off success fee. Please get in contact to find out more.

Finance: Whether you are an investor, owner, developer or lender we understand your business and your staffing needs. We cover the full range of skills required to compliment your business. Typical roles we cover include Project Development, Financial Modelling, M&A, Analysts, Business Development/Fund Raising, Asset Management, Risk and Compliance as well as outfitting Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV's)

Energy: From Fossil Fuel (Coal, Gas, Combined Cycle etc..) to Renewable Energy (Wind Solar, CSP, CPV, Biogass, Hydro, Geothermal etc..) we have massive exposure to technical, financial, operational and business development experts across the globe. From Feasability - Project Development - Construction - Commissioning - Hand Over our directors have handled it all on  4 continents both on and off shore. We also specialise in recruiting for commerical and industrial rooftop and grid tied solar as well as energy storage and battery technologies.

Agriculture and Environmental: Our Rural back ground and knowledge of the ins and outs of farming as well as the related trading and investment activities around it have given us a broad understanding of this sector. If your company is trading or establishing a new farming venture in a developing region we have access to the staff you need. We have worked with enviromental agencies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as consultancies and NGO's. We are especially interested in working with any companies that have a strong local community development policy in developing regions.

Infrastructure and Construction: We have open channels of communication with Engineers, Site Managers, Project Managers, SHEQ professionals, Consultants, Owners Engineers, Lenders Engineers, Project Directors, Operations and Maintenance as well associated financial staff. Whether you are an EPC, Sub Contractor, Managed Service firm or Consultancy we have excellent relevent professionals within the utlity and infrastructure sectors around the globe.